Berit Engen WOOF & D'RASH - Weaving a Thousand Jewish Tapestries

 Inspired by Shir Hashirim: Colors of Spring With Red for Love

The tapestries depict real-life couples with a unique love story, each one set in a specific time and place of the Jewish Experience, but all with a red spring flower.

(2/4 tapestries)

– Inspired by Kohelet: Life and Loss in Hues of Green
The series is based on the famous chapter 3, verses 1-8, which states that there is a time for everything, including birth and death. These words are soothing when we are in mourning. Hidden in the tapestries is a story of dying early in life, reflecting Kohelet’s cynical sentiment of hopelessness. There might be a time to die, but some die too soon. We can do nothing to influence natural or manmade conditions. 

(4/4 tapestries)

–  Inspired by Megillat Ester: Drama With Different Lines

The personalities of the queens, the uncle, the king, and the villain are expressed in theatrical lines against background curtains with subtle nuances.

(5/5 tapestries)

 – Chant Five and Sefer Yonah!

I enjoy the cyclical chanting of the scrolls in synagogues on Passover, Shavuot, Tisha B’av, Sukkot and Purim. In addition, the Book of Jonah (Prophets,) is chanted on Yom Kippur. Just as they partly sound different, they also look different – if one can imagine that books have looks.

(6/6 tapestries)
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