Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– Garden in Its Own Jumbled Beauty

In this series, one Hebrew word only is the object being analyzed: ‘l’hitatef,’ ‘to wrap oneself’ as wrapping oneself in a tallit, a prayer shawl. I chose blue as the word’s color, symbolizing the commandment to make the tzitzit (the attached tassels in each corner of a prayer shawl) with one strand of blue. (Numbers 15:38)
The tapestry titles are in the imagery of a Persian garden on a summer day. The colors, however, are without the brightness of such a garden, symbolizing that PaRDeS, in spite of being a system, can be quite bewildering as the categories overlap.

- (4/4 tapestries, series complete)
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