Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

  – Love, Rivalry, and Murder, He Spoke
          The siblings of Genesis provide quite some material for a holy text. This first book of the Torah is full of familiar and familial dramas; three of the storytelling tapestries take place in Exodus. The siblings’ relationships are woven in few and simple shapes. I have tried to portray the brothers’ and sisters’ emotions through body language, especially positions and movements of their hands. Hands can show temper, personalities, and attitudes. Unlike manmade tools, they are always available to connect or push away.

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– Stories From Deep Below the Heavens and a Little Above the Earth
          As the Biblical narratives describe the human struggle and the potentials for achievements and failure in our relationship with God and with each other, they resonate with us in our efforts a few thousand years later.
         A boat, a tower, a pillar of salt: I like how ideas can be expressed through stories with memorable objects.

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 Dos and Don’ts in T’chelet and Crimson

          The 613 commandments derived from the Torah give instructions for how to live our lives as individuals and as an organized community. I chose to make these tapestries colorful and lively, celebrating the idea that a regulated foundation – a constitution – is necessary for a society to exist and thrive.

- (12/12 tapestries, series complete)
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