Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– Sweet Like Honey: Scrutinizing Words
          “Hafoch bah v’hapech bah d’kulei bah.” (5:4) “Turn it over and over, for everything is in it.” The verse is a guide on how to study the Tradition. Carefully studying words and verses from different perspectives makes the readers engage in a process of arriving to study with an open mind, curiously considering many and at times opposing angles and commentaries with respectful skepticism and, hopefully, leaving wiser both in knowledge and emotions.

(5/5 tapestries)

 "Hafokh v'Hapekh!" (I)  "Hafokh v'Hapekh!" (I)
 "Hafokh v'Hapekh!" (I)  "Hafokh v'Hapekh!" (I)
 "Hafokh v'Hapekh!" (I)
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