Berit Engen WEFT and D'RASH – A Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– The Formulated Outlines

The Siddur, the formulated, communal expression of Judaism, consists of prayers carefully compiled over 2000 years. I have woven the anthology in three tapestries as a monumental monolith, as a systematic cluster of stepping-stones, and as a myriad of crafted pebbles.

- 3 tapestries. (Series completed.)
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– Words and Chants As We Let Them Flow

Inspired by a fellow artist’s beautiful paintings of weeping willows by the Skokie River and of the dahlias in her garden, I limited the colors to light and dark greys with hints of blue, yellow, green, and sage; bottle-green and hazel hues when needed; and a contrasting red.
The etzim-shaped borders on the sides of the tapestries refer to the crème, ochre, and brown-shaded colors of The Seven Architectonic Stones (the second tapestry in the preceding series) in which each shade denotes a specific unit of the service.

- This (sub)series is based on the Shabbat morning service.
- 5 tapestries. (Series completed.)
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