Berit Engen WOOF and D'RASH - Weaving a Thousand Jewish Tapestries

– Short prelude: anticipation
A teacher at heart, I appreciate the didactic skills of the Rabbis and their division of rituals, prayers, and storytelling into fifteen steps. We begin by taking four small ones and then the drama begins.

– Mega interlude: The telling

We fulfill the commandment of telling the story to our children. The biggest of the fifteen steps, the telling has its own, somewhat hidden structure obscured by an array of melodies.


– Foodlude

We recite blessings for food, reflect on matzah, and remember Rabbi Hillel, with the help of a symbolic sandwich. Finally, we eat the meal.

– Postlude: redemption
After some serious thoughts, we sing in unison the last two steps. I like how we then conclude the seder – except we don’t: we sing some more.
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